A quick post about wire stripping

So not everyone knows this trick. I know many people do something similar. I had to work this out by myself so let’s share it around.

There’s a neat trick when you strip wires that gives you much neater wires that are easier to route or solder.

First you’ll need a pair of pliers style wire strippers.

A pair like these.

Let’s start

Here’s where we start

What you do is you cut the wire with the strippers, then separate the wire insulation just a tiny bit. As little as half a mm.

separated just a tiny bit

This’ll leave a little tube of insulation still on the wire at the top, separated slightly from the rest of the insulation.
Now for the clever bit.

Twist that tiny bit of insulation. It should be easy to twist as you’ve already separated it from the underlying wire by pulling it up.

Twisting in progress

Keep twisting until it winds off. You end up with the exposed wire neatly and tightly Wound straight. Ready for soldering or inserting.

(Man the flash and macro mode made that last shot look really green)






3 responses to “A quick post about wire stripping”

  1. Greg Howell Avatar

    I need to invest in a pair of these.

    1. ilike8bits Avatar

      I got mine from Little Bird Electronics. https://www.littlebird.com.au/search?query=wire%20strippers
      Mine are an older pair of SparkFun ones, but I also have a nice Japanese manufactured ones I got as a early bird bonus from Kickstarter for some breadboards I backed.

      1. Greg Howell Avatar

        Thanks from me and my teeth 🙂

        This is a neat trick too, BTW.

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