YouTube resources

AKA… All the cr@p I watch on YouTube related to retro computing…

I watch a LOT of YouTube channels, and I mean a LOT. Here’s a list of the retro or retro adjacent channels I watch.

EDIT: just to emphasise, this is not a definitive list, this is just the stuff *I* watch. There may be channels out there that I don’t know about. There may be channels that, for whatever reason, I won’t watch or can’t watch. This is just my list.

8-Bit Show And TellCommodore centric
Action RetroMacintosh centric
Adrian’s Digital Basement
Branchus CreationsMacintosh centric
bwackCommodore centric
Chuck Hutchins
Dan WoodMostly Amiga
Dr. Dave’s DiversionsMostly Amiga
ETA PRIMEEmulator centric
flashjazzcatAtari 8 bit centric
GadgetUK164 – Retro Gaming Repairs & Mods
Jan Beta
Joe’s Computer MuseumApple centric
Josh Malone
Least Significant Byte
leesmiths workshop
LGRPC centric
Mark Fixes Stuff
Mr Lurch’s ThingsAussie!
Ms Mad Lemon
NecrowarePC centric
Noel’s Retro Lab
Nostalgia Nerd
Nybbles and BytesCommodore centric
Retro Hack Shack
RETRO is the new black (Wolfgang Kierdorf)
RMC – The Cave
Tales of Weird Stuff
Tech Tangents
Technology ConnectionsNot strictly “retro” but related
The 8-Bit Guy
The Digital Orphanage
The Retro Shack
XYZ ConceptsAussie!

So if you’re looking for new retro content… 😀

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I collect old computers and consoles

2 thoughts on “YouTube resources

    1. I think you’ll like Action Retro as it’s very Mac centric and he does insane things to perfectly innocent Macintoshes. (Have a look at the “Cursed Mac” series)
      Branchus Creations is good to see an Aussie recap Mac after Mac.

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